Abide seeks to strengthen families in Jesus.

About Abide

For over 20 years, Mike and Robyn Carnill have committed their lives to strengthening the relationships of others with Jesus, which is the basis of Abide. Whether it happens through one-on-one discipleship, prayer, solitude retreats, deep friendships, or some other way, Mike and Robyn desire to see anyone who is willing to listen to Jesus come to live more fully in him.

Throughout its history, Abide has changed and grown, reminiscent of the vine growing from the branch that Jesus desires our lives to be. In the beginning, Abide thrived as Mike and Robyn made themselves available to others on an individual basis, which they still do; however, Abide now welcomes and provides a way for others to love those God is calling them to love. Abide currently hosts seven other families and individuals (Patron, Beholders, Restoring, 70x7, Cultivate, Kingdom Sea, and Transplanters) who are serving others in a variety of ways, giving them meaingingful coaching, oversight, and a tax-deductible organization in which to raise funds as they begin their journey of strengthening others in Jesus.

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