A Fonte is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to enrich the lives of children in Brazil’s developing communities.

About A Fonte

In the developing villages and townships scattered all over Brazil, children struggle to find adequate resources. Food can be scarce, education difficult, and healthcare often unattainable as families are stretched to their breaking points just to ensure the basic needs of life are met. These struggles often blossom into greater societal issues, such as broken families, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and generational poverty, which tend to envelop the lives of the children in the community.

A Fonte enters into the difficulty facing these children to provide a safe, loving, and stable environment where children can get access to the basics and begin to form the tools and relationships they need to flourish in life. Through before and after school programs, parenting courses, employment opportunities, healthcare partnerships, child-centered therapy, and more, A Fonte works to ensure children and their families have food, safety, and good friends to call on any day, any time. Most importantly, children learn about a God who loves and cares for them in the midst of a community committed to loving them well in a Christ-centered way.

A Fonte was founded by Jordan and Gilma Blackmer in Vera Cruz, Brazil, and has since worked to expand its efforts to surrounding communities. Jordan came to Brazil from the United States, while Gilma is native to Brazil and the Vera Cruz area. Together, they, their children, and their growing team work to ensure every child they encounter has the opportunity to flourish through A Fonte’s programming while they work to find U.S. based sponsors for children to help grow each child’s network of compassion and support. You can meet the children they serve here.

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