Become helps individuals become people who can lovingly and effectively grow God’s kingdom.

About Become

“The question I am asked most often when speaking about hunger, war, trafficking, disease, or poverty is, What can I do? I’ve never been asked, Who must I become? Doing justice well is important, but who we become is equally — if not more — important.”

Stephan Bauman

In a world filled with brokenness, it’s simply not enough to want to help. The world is filled with people who have a desire to assist their neighbor in loving and meaningful ways, and yet so many of these goodhearted people lack the resources, skills, education, and time to serve their neighbor in meaningful, effective ways.

Become aims to fill these gaps by offering prayer, counsel, resources, and connections to those who are ready to give themselves more fully to loving their neighbor.

At Become, we believe that Jesus desired all who follow him to become humble, empathetic, gentle, just, compassionate, genuine, peacemaking, sincere, and courageous people. These are of the qualities that transform a person’s desire to help their neighbor into the ability to love and help their neighbor - in turn, growing the kingdom of God.

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