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About Rescued by Love

Over and over again we hear stories of people whose lives look great on the outside, but when their marriage falls apart, there is suicide, or other life altering circumstances occur, we find that they were fighting a battle that nobody knew about

We live in a world where most people have been trained to love superficially or not at all. Because of this, there is a struggle to find spaces where people are allowed to be honest with where they are and to find help in discovering their true value in the eyes of the Father. Rescued by Love Ministries creates spaces for people to discover and rediscover how powerful the love of God is and its ability to set captives free. RBL encourages people to be authentic in their journey of loving God, and then help them to understand the power of loving themselves through his love. These individuals are then taught how to go out and take what they have discovered to others who might be hiding and hurting among them.