Cephas Climbing is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to guide people in the outdoors so their relationships with Christ can deepen.

Noah Nuss

Branch Leader

About Cephas Climbing

Millions and Millions of people around the world spend the majority of their lives indoors, looking at a screen, or in a place with severely limited outdoor opportunities. Lack of time spent recreating outdoors is proven to have a significant negative impact on an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. As our detachment from outdoor recreation grows, our communities and our relationships with Christ also suffer. Cephas exists to empower people to get outside and engage with Christ through his magnificent creation. Whether it is leading front country camping trips in the Smoky Mountains, climbing volcanoes in Washington, rock climbing in the Red River Gorge, cliff jumping in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, day hiking or biking in the nearest park, or learning to climb at your local gym, Cephas is ready to serve Christ through any activity and in any environment!

God gave Noah Nuss the vision for Cephas, which is based on his passion for discipleship, relationships, and the outdoors. Over the years, God has continuously opened up doors for Noah to lead people on outings of all kinds with the hope that people would connect with Christ. Even while Noah was working in roles not specific to outdoor ministry, the Lord continued to create opportunities for discipleship through activities like rock climbing, hiking, and traveling. Noah’s gifts for outdoor leadership continued to show in his time working as a Youth Minister where he took middle and high school students backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, cliff jumping, star gazing, swimming, biking, skateboarding, and more. These kinds of outings were the moments that always elicited the most visible and consistent source of spiritual fruit in both Noah and the people he was leading. Over time, the spirit gifted Noah the vision and the means to create Cephas Climbing.

Together with volunteers and donors, Cephas Climbing hopes to see the body of Christ deepen in their relationships with our marvelous God through spending time in the world’s many outdoor cathedrals. Cephas strives to provide the typically expensive service of outdoor guiding, leadership, and development to all kinds of communities at little to no cost to the group being led. This goal can only be met through the help of donors that share Cephas’ desire to see people discipled by Christ in the outdoors. Jesus once said, in Luke 19:40, that if his followers stayed silent, the very stones would cry out in worship. It is our opinion that rocks are built for climbing and we, as God’s masterpiece, are built for worship. Get outside and join Cephas Climbing in praising God and growing his Kingdom!