Connect the Nations exists to see people from all nations connected to Christ.

About Connect the Nations

The roots of Connect the Nations started to grow in Alexa Lawlor from the time she was young. As a high school and college student, Alexa was fascinated and enthused by people from different cultures and backgrounds, going out of her way to meet people and make sure they had a friend while adjusting to life in a new place.

In 2016, Alexa merged her passion for international friends, abilities as a certified language coach, and welcoming spirit to form Connect the Nations, a ministry that exists to see people from all nations connected to Christ. Connect the Nations seeks to make disciples of Jesus in the international community who make disciples of all nations.

Alexa and her team regularly pray for these international friends, connect with them personally, lovingly and relationally share their faith, and finally, if an international friend is ready and willing, empower that person to take the next steps in their own faith journey. Whether its helping students find free furniture when they first arrive in the United States, helping them practice language, providing transportation, or simply beinga friend, the Connect the Nations team serves the international community in a way that is unmistakably Christlike in its humility, compassion, and love, helping these people become the kind of disciples who really can influence others to live the way of Christ in their own lives and home countries.