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March 2024

Creation Care

In the previous blog, we gave a bit of a history of Abide. There is much more to tell and I imagine that will happen over time. I mentioned that family is one of God’s greatest ideas and so we stepped into the good work of strengthening families.

Now we see the need to also step into one of God’s perhaps riskiest ideas. God actually wants and trusts His people to take care of His creation! All of it! People, animals, plants, land, water and air – everything from the environment and earth’s resources to all creatures and plant life.

Currently, humanity and particularly the Church are not doing a very good job at this! As we move into the next part of Abide Ministries’ journey, it is time to help people hear from God regarding the good work of creation care.

There are a lot of people who love nature and need to recognize that their love for nature and its well-being is just as valuable as another’s love for people.

Here is a prayer that will help us consider our responsibility in creation care:

Lord, we pray for all that You have placed within our care. May we be just, merciful and humble towards all of Your creation – people, animals, plants, land, water and air.

This prayer will lead people to a variety of conclusions as to what is just and merciful and humble and to a variety of good works that they can take part in and lead.

There is much joy to experience as we broaden our mission to include creation care. The fruit of such good works will allow for the renewing and sustainability of God’s kingdom here on earth!

So, let me say a big thank you, for embracing this addition to Abide’s mission – To foster works of encouragement, wisdom, and love for the good of all of God’s creation.

Keeping with our vision – The community of Abide Ministries is called to encourage one another to abide in God and complete the works given to each of us – we want to walk together to know God greater and bring about good.

Godspeed, as we enjoy the journey!


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