Door of Hope is a branch of Abide Ministries committed to unlocking the potential of oppressed women and children around the world.

About Door of Hope

There are communities in our world where the value of women is determined by men. Unfortunately this arrangement leaves many women in positions of servitude rather than teamwork, destitution rather than support and in oppression rather than flourishing. The result? Millions of women all over the world find themselves abandoned, left to sex slavery, child marriage, female infantacide, homelessness, starvation, and more.

Door of Hope exists to meet women in these places. Inspired by its founder and her quest to these women encounter a Savior who could reveal their worth, the team at Door of Hope works to offer safety to the soul and to unlock the potential in all women, not just to survive, but also to thrive in an empowering and culturally relevant way.

While still in its humble beginnings, Door of Hope currently serves around 20 women on a personal level and over 200 women more broadly, including internationally. Door of Hope builds relationships by meeting needs, primarily through teaching English as a second language, as well as offering citizenship tutoring, tutoring for children, driving for women, providing groceries, accompanying women to doctor’s appointments, and so much more. In every woman overlooked, there is infinite potential, and Door of Hope seeks to empower people like you to be the key that unlocks it.