Haiti Children's Aid Society USA is a network of adoptive families in the United States committed to meeting the needs of orphaned and impoverished children in Haiti.

About Haiti Children's Aid Society USA

Haiti Children’s Aid Society (HCAS/USA) was born in 2019 when a handful of adoptive families in the United States wanted to find a way to provide support to the community of Mirebalais, Haiti by supporting Haiti Children’s Home, a local orphanage just outside the city limits. Each of these families had adopted their children from this same orphanage, forming a special bond with the families and this community. HCAS/USA was formed specifically to encourage the family, friends, and neighbors of these families to come together to support the work in Mirebalais while establishing a US-based network of adoptive families that could encourage and pray for one another.

HCAS/USA has five major purposes. First, they are commmitted to relieving poverty by providing basic amenities, medical and health care, and basic social services to orphaned and impoverished children in Haiti. Second, they are invested in improving the quality of life and drinking water in Haiti through construction of wells and water treatment — giving the gift of “living water” for the body, mind and the spirit of every child. Third, they are devoted to advancing the quality of education for children in Haiti by providing books, equipment, scholarships and educational aids. Fourth, they are pledged to provide support services and programs to parents in the United States who have adopted Haitian children. Finally, they are committed to providing opportunities for members and child sponsors to be transformed by life-changing experiences as they participate “hands-on” by going on short and long-term service visits to Haiti. For more information on the specific ways HCAS/USA is impacting these children, please click here.

When you give to HCAS/USA, you are providing for the development of this growing network of families who are adopting children, supporting current orphans, and bringing the hope of Christ into people who once faced hopelessness.

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