HEELS is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to support people in need of assistance related to abuse or reentry with healing, empowerment, education, leadership training, and success.


Siblings Gina and Joe share a mutual desire to help individuals overcome obstacles caused from trauma due to domestic and sexual abuse as well as helping clients successfully reintegrate into society after involvement with the judicial system. In an effort to defeat these barriers, they co-founded HEELS Group, an organization established to assist individuals in need of assistance with issues related to abuse or reentry. Through their ministry of availability, HEELS aims to assist clients in repurposing their lives through Healing, Empowerment, Education, Leadership training and Success.

HEELS was formed to empower clients with the skills and resources needed to successfully live their life’s purpose. We empower our clients through financial literacy and coaching which enables them to achieve their goals by understanding what God’s plan is for their life. With HEELS assistance, clients can maximize their potential and take accountability for their lives and actions.

As a survivor of both domestic and sexual abuse, Gina has dedicated her time and service to assisting victims of similar injustices. With her extensive experience on matters of intimate partner violence and sexual abuse, she advocates for victims and survivors to ensure they are able to successfully overcome the traumas associated with their abuse. She provides coaching and mentoring services as well as research and resources to empower her clients to transition from the cycle of abuse to financial stability.

As a chaplain with the State of Michigan, Joe saw a need to help individuals returning to society from the justice system. He has a heart to combat housing instability for individuals who have been recently incarcerated and are unable to reintegrate into society due to lack of housing or financial stability as well as reduce the recidivism rate. He uses his time to minister to and assist his clients in finding employment, housing, and the resources needed to once again successfully become productive members of society.