Hope For The Nations is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to bring the gospel to the unreached people groups on college campuses.

John Allen

Branch Leader

About Hope For The Nations

When John Allen began working in college ministry over 25 years ago, the vast majority of the students he met had gone to church growing up or had some sense of who Jesus is and what his teachings say. However, every year since his start, the percentage of students who went to a church has been decreasing. On many campuses that percentage has dropped from 70% to at most 20%. At the same time, most of the college ministries have remained focused on reaching out to the presently Christian student or students who have some church background, creating few opportunities for those who have never encountered the gospel of Jesus Christ.

John’s newest endeavor, Hope for the Nations, is focused on reaching college students who are unreached and untouched through current ministries. Beginning at University of Michigan Dearborn and Henry Ford Community College, John and his team are working daily to engage with students who have little gospel exposure, including many students from other nations where it is difficult to share the Christian faith. Based on intial campus surveys, no more than 20% of the students have attended a church when they were young, and most would declare themselves Muslim, Hindu, or None (such as atheist or agnostic).

Although the populations are diverse, the methods remain tried and true: free meals, gospel discussions, and subsequent bible studies continue to draw audiences on each campus, with over 80% of the attendees having no church background. The friendships formed within these environments open doors for more faith discussions, modeling Christ and his desire to meet with anyone willing to hear his words.

While Hope For The Nations has roots on two campuses now, there are plans to grow the ministry on other campuses locally and regionally, empowering new missionaries to go out to an increasingly large harvest field of potential Jesus followers. Through his experience in evangelism and training, John is well-positioned to lead a new generation of leaders to make disciples of all nations alongside your partnership.