Kaleo Arts exists to help children discover their God-given identity through the arts.

About Kaleo Arts

For over a decade, Renee Mulliniks and Nancy Zott have made it their mission to help children discover their identity in Christ through arts-based curriculum and programs. Their shared goal has been to help children find what they are good at and know there is a purpose for why they were given that talent, to face their fears and build confidence in a safe and loving environment, and finally to share their stories with others in order to become leaders among their peers.

The majority of their work has been through the extremely successful Kaleo Kids program they founded, which brings children from different backgrounds and schools together over a 12-week period to put together a production, teaching them music, dance, drama, cooperation, and spiritual truths. Kaleo Arts exists in several schools and churches in metro Detroit, and has recently expanded to New Mexico with hopes to launch in Nashville, San Francisco, and New York City.

Kaleo Arts is busting at the seams with plans and dreams for how to help children discover their God-given identity through the arts. Whether it is the beginnings of an art therapy curriculum for young girls in Nepal coming out of trafficking, or programs for older children and teens to continue honing their art and voices in support of justice for the oppressed and vulnerable, Kaleo Arts is establishing a platform for students to discover who they are and share with the world.