Liminal is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to help Asian Americans embrace their God-given identity

Andrew Kim

Branch Leader

About Liminal

The perpetual foreigner stereotype depicts Asian Americans as foreigners and aliens even if we were born in this country or have lived here for the majority of our lives. The implication is that we do not belong, which is why so many Asian Americans have been told to go back home.

Conversely, the expectation from Asians is that we speak our parents language and embrace our Asian heritage. When they realize we do not, we can be ostracized and even rejected. As a result, Asian Americans can feel they live in a land in-between, in a country with no name, a liminal space where we do not belong anywhere.

This has been the experience of Andrew Kim, who created and leads Liminal. It resulted in him embarking on a journey to better understand his Asian American identity. Through awareness, education and activation, Liminal is committed to equipping and empowering Asian Americans to understand their identity not as an obstacle to be overcome but a gift from God to be embraced.