Mentor Mission is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to impact youth culture by engaging with and moving youth towards personal healing in Christ.

About Mentor Mission

Mentor Mission was founded on the premise that youth are surrounded by a world that is hurting:

  • dysfunctional families
  • loss of peers to suicide
  • a culture that accepts anything
  • respectless education
  • lack of purpose and direction

With these tough circumstances pressing in around them daily, young people hunger for something beautiful and real in the midst of it all. They have a desire to see change happen, and the ability to bring it about in their lifetimes. They are looking for clarity, responsibility, and a clear vision of how the family and church can and should function. Kelly and Linda Voigt, the founders of Mentor Mission, found that loving mentoring along with challenging expectations is the most impactful way to model what following Jesus looks like…because Jesus is the only solid foundation on which to build the impact they want to have in this world!

This ministry for youth began after God put the deep desire to pray for them on Kelly’s heart. After this desire to pray quickly came the knowledge that a local school district was plagued with drug addiction and suicide. Numerous students were dying and many more were in trouble. It was an epidemic. Through attending local prayer meetings, Kelly was able to meet and connect with students from the school who were looking for answers. The students were finding help and hope in Christ and they wanted to help others. Out of these mentoring relationships, one of the students even launched a church INSIDE the public high school and it quickly grew. The culture was changing. These students and others who have followed make up Mentor Mission.

Since it’s beginning, Mentor Mission has multiplied into small group Bible studies and accountability groups, mission trips, and most recently Youth Church - an actual church led by youth for youth. The students are entrusted with sharing the good news and inviting in friends – and they are doing it with passion! The need for more godly mentors is growing weekly as the number of students joining these larger groups is growing. The vision is to empower more adults to join in this work of training up and leading the next generation in Christ. As Mentor Mission grows its leadership team, it will hope to host mission trips (local and overseas), and help launch student-led Bible studies in all of the local public schools!

Kelly, Linda, and their whole team see that God is on the move. He is making it clear to those that he is calling that it is time to engage with and invest in the next generation. If you feel moved to share time or resources towards this goal, your support would be greatly appreciated and your prayers are welcomed!