Miriam's Miracle is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to support people as they explore a path of purpose by partnering in coaching sessions to live out faith-driven actions.

About Miriam's Miracle

In April of 2017, Phil and Maryanne Munroe traveled on a mission trip to Haiti to help rebuild the nation after Hurricane Matthew, a category 5 storm, caused massive destruction. Little did they know that God had other plans on that trip - more specifically, a plan to rebuild Phil’s heart and launch him on a path to help others discover their God-given purpose.

On April 6, 2017, while watching an amazing sunrise over the place where they were staying, Phil surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. On the same day, Jesus presented Phil and Maryanne with the honor of becoming godparents to a beautiful 15-day old Haitian child named Miriam. This encounter with baby Miriam set Phil’s life on a journey that would uncover the miracle that had been lying dormant inside of his life for far too long, the miracle of “just saying yes” to Jesus.

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, Phil’s passion and expertise is to help those he encounters live a life of significance with Jesus Christ as the foundation, just as Miriam helped him encounter his own significance. Through exploration, coaching, and one-to-one mentoring, Phil is on a mission to help people discover the miracle inside that is waiting to be brought alive as well as help bring their purpose into existence through faith-driven action plans. What does life look like on “the other side of yes?” Phil and the team at Miriam’s Miracle are waiting to help you find out.