Motion helps widows find joy, fullfillment, and purpose in the motion of walking and serving Christ.

About Motion

In December 2004, at age 41, Karen Rohner became a widow. In an instant, she went from being a happy mother and wife to a confused, scared and lonely widow and single mom of 2 teenagers. She found the only thing harder than dealing with losing her husband was watching her kids grieve and suffer from the loss of their father.

Through a series of fortunate connections, Karen was introduced to 4 other young widows who also recently lost their husbands. They instantly connected as they all realized they had similar struggles, and they often gathered to talk about life, feelings, and struggles they faced as new widows.

Ever since connecting with these friends, Karen’s passion to support and connect with other widows has grown. After receiving her certification as a Life Coach in 2017, she decided to move forward and start a new ministry through Abide to serve widows called Motion.

Motion ministers to widows in the lonely time that settles in once supportive friends and family have returned to normal life. Motion’s discipleship process takes widows from loneliness to the motion of walking with and serving with Christ. Through one-on-one mentoring, small groups, and prayer, Motion helps widows build new friendships that will remain strong through the continual struggles all widows face.