Patron is a local organization that seeks to end the demand for domestic sex-trafficking in the U.S.

About Patron

Working with national anti-sex trafficking organizations, and under the auspices of both federal and local law enforcement, Patron works to simultaneously end the demand of domestic sex-trafficking via tangible, direct, and effective action for men in local communities while creatively serving the local eco-system of various anti-sex trafficking organizations in order to help prolong their combined and comprehensive sustainability.

A definition of “patron” is simply, “a person who buys goods or uses the services of an establishment.” Men from our communities become patrons of the local sex industry by their passive acceptance of sexually explicit advertisements and entertainment, the use of pornography, attending exotic night/strip clubs, and the direct purchase of sex.

Another definition of “Patron” is, “someone who is chosen, named, or honored as a special guardian, protector, or supporter.”

Partnering or participating with Patron is choosing to no longer be a casual patron of a culture that accepts and perpetuates the exploitation of human bodies; and instead, choosing to become a Patron for our daughters and sons…and for each other.