Pearl exists to help Asian Americans flourish in Christ.

About Pearl

Yang Chen is the founder of Pearl, a relational network designed to help Asian Americans flourish in Christ.

Yang immigrated to the US at the age of 5 for his father’s PhD program at Oakland University. He quickly found himself being influenced by two very different cultures. At home, his family’s Chinese culture established the norm, but at school and with peers, American youth culture provided a very different outlook and influence on his life. This tension between cultures only intensified as Yang grew older, peaking after college. The lack of alignment between career aspirations and family expectations created conflict within the home. Coupled with a great desire to find love, his mental health declined during this time. However, Yang also discovered that he was not alone and started to connect with and mentored others who were struggling too. This is the inspiration behind Pearl.

Pearl addresses the issues young Asian Americans face through one-on-one mentoring. Pearl helps connect these emerging adults with relatable, spiritually mature, proven, and compassionate mentors. These mentoring relationships facilitates the development of wisdom, perseverance, and personal voice. To strengthen these connections, Pearl also provides written resources that they can discuss, as well as creating social events for networking and mutual encouragement.

Yang married his wife Jean in 2018, and they reside in Auburn Hills, Michigan, living out this call to help Asian Americans flourish in Christ together.

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