Reconcile is committed to communicating the love of God and His message of reconciliation to individuals and communities.

About Reconcile

This world often feels like a battle between us and them. We look for people who are like us, who look like us, who like what we would like, and who make us feel comfortable. Meanwhile, we are constantly categorizing the people who don’t fit the definition of us as “them”. “Them” is whoever is not like us, for all the reasons that we believe. Whether conscious or unconscious, we are looking for ways to define our world so we know the difference between us and them.

Geronimo, a first-generation Dominican artist from Washington Heights, located in upper Manhattan, New York uses his art and life story to connect with those that feel far from God. ShaCha, a native Detroiter is passionate about racial righteousness and justice.

Geronimo and ShaCha believe that an us-verses-them mindset robs people from experiencing a life full of unexpected friendships and rich experiences that come when we are reconciled to God and to each other. Through their marriage, art and ministry, Geronimo and ShaCha create opportunities for people who feel distant from God and different from each other to reconcile.