RUBY™ is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to advocate for the authenticity of young women through intentional media.

About RUBY™

The young women of Gen-Z (ages 10-25) are a force to be reckoned with. They are the most educated, entrepreneurial, empathetic, and value-centered generation the world has ever seen, yet they are collectively in deeper turmoil than most older generations recognize. Any given day these young women face the difficulties of navigating a global pandemic, school shooting epidemic, intense comparison, anxiety/depression, body dysmorphia, low-self esteem from social media and high-stakes cultural tensions. In short, we have a hurting generation of world-changers growing up in our midst.

Enter RUBY™, a movement using relevant media (podcasts, blogs, events, products, community) to shed light on important subjects to support, uplift, and empower young women to step into their best, brightest selves.

RUBY™ was founded by social entrepreneur, Taylor Mae, and high-school students Eden McCullough and Samantha Tandy, over a shared passion to see women everywhere live boldy, kindly and powerfully. Over many cups of coffee, these natural visionaries, artistic creatives, and entrepreneurial spirits joined forces to launch RUBY™ in February 2021.

The future of RUBY™ is bright with new innovative media offerings and partnerships, a growing community and team, and new live experiences on the way, all created in the hopes all young women would feel seen, embrace their authenticity, and live unstoppably.