Sanctuary is a branch of Abide Ministries providing therapy and crisis response services to those suffering the direct effects of trauma.

About Sanctuary

Those who experience trauma often have a long and difficult road to recovery. Children and teens with trauma histories need even greater attention, as trauma throughout childhood and adolescence can have unique and often lifelong effects. Still, even in the face of the most difficult experiences, interventions from trained trauma therapists can lead to incredible healing in the life of the person affected, especially young people. These therapists have in-depth training specifically designed to aid people who have experienced these sorts of issues, and with their help, those who have suffered experience great redemption. However, there is a major barrier to this life-giving treatment: financial resources to obtain the necessary help.

Sanctuary was created in order to help eliminate the financial barrier and provide therapy and crisis response services to those suffering the direct effects of trauma. Many times, insurance providers will cover costs for those suffering the effects of trauma for a short time or up to a certain amount of money, often reducing or eliminating coverage long before the person has had the chance to heal in the care of a licensed, trained practicioner. Whether those who are suffering are uninsured, unable to meet their copay or deductible, do not have the accepted insurance for specialized treatment, or have limited or no transportation for continuity of care, Sanctuary seeks to be a refuge by providing financial assistance to continue treatment.

Founded by licensed trauma therapist Laura Azoni, Sanctuary takes special notice of children and families, as trauma and its effects throughout childhood and adolescence are uniquely treated with respect to development. However, Sanctuary is not limited only to children, and offers financial assistance to anyone suffering the direct effects of trauma. Laura and her team believe that accessing true trauma treatment should not further exhaust a survivor nor their loved ones. When you give to Sanctuary, you are providing direct access to this incredible resource to those who are vulnerable and hurting, bringing healing, support, and relief.