The Tatlow Society is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to strategically advance the mission expansion work of local, national, and international Inter-Collegiate Campus Ministries.

About The Tatlow Society

By the year 2040, there will be an estimated 600 million university students worldwide. On campuses, the belief that life is meaningless and secular is also rapidly growing, leading to notable degrees of brokenness and social ills, such as, depression, anxiety, addiction, and hopelessness. Coupled with these trends, collegiate ministries commissioned with bringing the hope of the Gospel to campuses often struggle to develop and expand their teams, programs, and overall mission to meet growing demands. A phrase often referred to by those who work closest with students – these are “the critical years.”

The Tatlow Society was founded in an effort to strategically support and advance the mission expansion work of vibrant collegiate ministries during these transformational student years. Specifically, the Society’s tactical activity helps others develop, organize, and accelerate, the work of their ministries advancing the Gospel. Through one-to-one coaching, training, and translating broad strategies into deliberate outcomes, the Society works to ensure every campus ministry it serves has a clear and cooperative approach toward reaching students.

The Tatlow Society draws its inspiration from Tissington Tatlow, (1876-1957). It was said of him, “He is an Irishman, with a vision rather like that of his friend John R. Mott, a vision of a whole world first evangelized and then won for Christ.” In official roles, he was involved with the university student ministry world for over three decades, and unofficially, he was called, “the apostle of the student world”.

In keeping with Tatlow’s passion and vision for reaching university students with the Gospel, the Society’s strength, led by its Director and at-large Collegiate Minister, Adam Baron, emerges from a network of partnering organizations, knowledge of successful collegiate ministries past and present, as well as involvement with current outreach efforts around the world. All who work with and under the banner of the Tatlow Society share a singular focus to evangelize and disciple the hundreds of millions of university students for Christ and His Kingdom.