Two or More is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to help those who idenitfy as bi/multi-ethnic discover the fullness of who they are in Christ.

Brian Petty

Branch Leader

About Two or More

For decades, a those who identify as bi/multi-racial have been overlooked within society. Whether in families, neighborhoods, communities of faith, or otherwise, these individuals are often seen as “half” of one identity and “half” of another, and as such are rarely fully embraced. This “half existence” leads to bullying, disillusionment, poor mental health, and a host of other issues that do not reflect God’s desires for their lives, which is all the more concerning when one considers that those who identify as bi/multi-racial will be the majority of people in the United States by 2040.

Two or More was created to help bring about a brighter future for community members and their families who represent two or more racial or ethnic backgrounds. This ministry creates spaces to explore the wholeness of who these individuals are and not merely one part, established on the belief that racial reconiclaiton starts with knowing fully who one is in Christ, and continues by bringing awareness to all those to whom these people are connected.

Founded by Brian Petty, a multi-ethnic Black and Korean leader born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Two or More provides social gatherings, immersion trips, and curriculum to help the bi/multi-ethnic individual, their children, and their families celebrate the fullness of their background. Brian uses both his years of study and personal life experience to develop all of the experiences, while also personally connecting with those that struggle understanding two or more ethnic identities within themsleves. He believes that when these individuals learn to be undivided within and realizes that they are created wholly, bridge building can truly begin.