Vessel exists to carry the love of Jesus to the oppressed and overlooked all over the world.

About Vessel

In the spring of 2018, Charli Carnill felt the call of Jesus to leave her collegiate softball career and community of friends at Cornerstone University in order to offer herself as a servant to those suffering the effects of poverty and injustice all over the world. While a vessel describes any container which carries something, Charli’s desire is to be a vessel which carries the love of Christ to those who may be struggling to find it.

Charli will spend the fall of 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa working with Extreme Response. She will volunteer in their Dream Center, an after school tutoring program for at-risk children. In late winter, she will move to Nepal to work alongside KI Nepal, an extremely effective organization that fights human trafficking at the India-Nepal border. In the spring, Charli will return to the United States to reflect on her service as well as learn from various US-based ministries and families who are growing God’s kingdom in powerful ways.

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