We is a branch of Abide Ministries that exists to build a more equitable and empathetic society through telling stories that connect us.

About We

Everywhere we look, there is evidence of the division in our world between people of different races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. No one is exempt from the ramifications of the division either: families are ripped apart over conflict, churches become increasingly insular, cities continue to segregate, and businesses fear for their own futures over communication errors and employee conflict. The inability for people from different backgrounds to understand one another and communicate effectively threatens the very foundations of our society, both locally and at large.

We was created in order to promote and foster the necessary understanding that helps establish empathy and equity at every level of a community. While many similar efforts utilize seminars, continuing education, and discussion groups to accomplish this same goal, We focuses their efforts on creating stories that connect us. Through the use of cinematic video stories and digital curriculum, We works to bypass the prejudice and fear that interferes with connection by touching the hearts of the people interacting with their content, whether in individual, civic, or corporate settings.

While decades of efforts to foster understanding have yielded some fruit, We believes that their storytelling can impact a new movement of cross-cultural understanding and connection that will transform families, churches, cities, and businesses. Founded in 2020 by Jalen Seawright, We features a diverse team of highly accomplished and creative professionals with the experience, desire, and passion to bring stories that connect us to life (from top left clockwise: Rachel Myung, Evan Barnum, Jalen Seawright, Laura Korn, Andrew Kim). Currently, the We team is producing their videos and curriculum, with local pilot programs planned in several cities in the coming year.

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